Saturday, August 17, 2013

Melt the Sky-Red Hot Rebellion

 Melt yer' face off rock and roll music!

A little over an hour ago, Jim Tramontana of Red Hot Rebellion put a copy of their new CD in my hands and I've been playing it over and over again ever since.  Seriously boys and girls, I've seen Buddhist monks on fire that weren't this hot.  This new album doesn't just assault the senses, it beats them bloody with a baseball bat and then boot-stomps whatever is left over until they're begging for mercy.  Holy Frack these mother f**kers are good.

Every time I turn the album cover over to read the band credits I expect to read stuff like; Andris Devine-Drums/Vox and "Bulldozer", Doug Spencer-Guitar/Vox and "Chainsaw" and Jim Tramontana-Bass/Keys/Vox and "Jack Hammer".  These boys are just plain tearing it up! 

Track one, Melting the Sky, gets this new offering from Red Hot Rebellion off to a whirlwind start that will  leave your eardrums bleeding for a week.  With Andris Devine thundering on drums, Doug Spencer laying down lightening on guitar and Jim Tramontana raining major riffs on bass, this isn't a band as much as it is an elemental force of nature shoving a hurricane of sound up yer' arse.   And with each of the tracks that follows, the storm just keeps on a comin' faster and more powerful than the one preceding it.  Fact is, this album outta come with an application form for FEMA cause you ain't gonna be right for weeks after listening to it the first time.

And they're doing a show at Blind Bob's August, 31, 2013!  Hell yeah I'm going!!  You'd be a fool not to go see these guys for five dollars before they hit it big and you wind up paying forty bucks per pop just to watch em' from the nose bleed seats of your local arena. Seriously, five dollars, Hell, you can't even buy a cup of coffee for that price anymore.

Photo: Seriously, if you aren't already planning to attend this event, you don't know nuthin' bout' how to party your f**king face off!

Come on out and support he best party band in the whole frackin universe!

Oh yeah, you all know where I'm gonna be Saturday, August 31, 2013 and I'm going to be dragging everyone I know along with me or they're all going on the friends Probationary List fer sure.  Hey, I gotta have standards, and these days they all seem to be by Red Hot Rebellion

So come on out and join me for what I guarantee will be one of the best nights of party music you've heard in a very long time.  Trust me, you won't be disappointed.