Saturday, June 15, 2013

Red Hot Rebellion

"Hell...  Frackin'...  Yeah!"

First off, this review would've been a whole lot easier to write if I hadn't been leapin' around my office wailing on air-guitar and head-banging every file cabinet that got in my way.  Seriously, by track three I was outta my seat and jammin' big time.  Wow, what a great surprise.

Red Hot Rebellion is a party band, plain and simple.  If there's any kind of message to take away from their self titled album it's this, "It's better to die behind a guitar than a gun.".  Holy crap these guys are good!  If you like your vocals raw and your guitar loud and blazing fast, you're gonna love this band.  Ya wanna hear these guys the right way?  First, find a pair of the biggest damn Marshall amps you can find, second, take em' out to the garage and hook your CD player up to em'. Next, open your garage door, set up a lawn chair in the driveway, turn on the music and get ready to blow your neighborhood away.  Dude, you crank these bad boys up and the party is gonna come running to your house.

My favorite tracks were: Wait And See, For the Benefit of Evil, Hellfire, Wild One, Devil's Rope, Cooking With Gas and Open Wide and Say Awesome.  Cripes, did I just list almost every track on the whole damn CD?  That just ain't like me at all!  I haven't heard a party band this good since the days of J Geils and Deep Purple...

You know what?  Frack my boss and frack the office!  I'm outta here!  I'm gonna go home and put these bad boys on a real stereo system.  Then I'm gonna sit down on a lawn chair in my living room and party my butt off.

Do yourself a favor, boys and girls, go out and buy this CD right frackin now!  And while you're at it, visit their website, find out where they're performing next and get yer' asses out to see em'.  You won't be disappointed.

Oh, I almost forgot!  There's a comic book I would've reviewed if I hadn't shredded it after rolling it up and using it for an air-guitar.  Maybe I can get em' to send me a new one...

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