Friday, September 26, 2014

High 5 R!ot Meet and Greet, September 20th, 2014

Ashley Stacy of High 5 R!ot.

This past Saturday night, I had the delightful pleasure of attending a meet and greet for a new band, High 5 R!ot, at one of the Oregon District's popular local watering holes, The Trolley Stop.  I always go into each of these events with certain expectations: promoters, slick press kits, a lil' swag, food, beverage, and of course, the band. Seeing that all the fore-mentioned ingredients were present from the get-go, and my expectations met so quickly, the evening could have been called a success the moment I walked in the door to the party house.

However, expectations aren't why I attend these events.  I'm looking for something.  Good music...

You see, good music isn't just a part of my life, its a key ingredient of my life.  I don't even put on the first pot of coffee of the day before selecting the first tune of the day.  Music fuels the engine of my soul.  Its the most important meal of the day.  I went to the gig at the party house looking for something that had already caught my eye, the voice of Ashley Stacy.  She makes good music.

The first time I ever heard Ashley perform was during an acoustic set at Rewind 5 (Gilly's, May 2014) with now band mates, Andy Uzzel and Sean McGrath.  Ashley flat out stole the show that night and produced the truly "big moment" of the evening's entertainment. I made a point of searching her out after the set and in no uncertain terms I told her exactly how impressed I was with her vocal abilities. I'm telling you, the girl can flat out sing.

So, Saturday night I went to see the new band at the Trolley Stop.  Louie Wood was in attendance and the more I hang out with him, the more I like him and his uncanny ear for good music.  If I see Louie at an event, I know something good is going to happen.  I met mothers and fathers, siblings and friends of the band.  I was welcomed as warmly as Ive ever been at a function like this one. I met some good folks I can't wait to hang out with at a show in the near future.  I like the crowd that hangs around Ashley Stacy and High 5 R!ot. Yeah, these are folks I want to party with.

Eventually the band performed a three song set.  The first song felt a bit nervous and rushed.  (I expected that.) It was like watching a runaway train, racing faster and faster down the tracks until it crashed into a deafening silence.  It was okay, it just wasn't the moment I was looking for.  The second song saw the band calm down a bit and they produced a solid song.  Still, I was looking for that special something, the big moment.

Then came the third song of the set and the band finally relaxed and just let the music come.  Again, you could have heard a pin drop.  Cameras ceased flashing, voices grew quiet and every single eye was on Ashley Stacy as she dominated the room with her voice and stage presence.  It was exactly what I was looking for.  I'm telling you, the girl can flat out sing her butt off.

High 5 R!ot will be performing Saturday, October 11th, at their CD release party, in the "Old" Yellow Cab building located at 700 E. 4th Street in Dayton, Ohio.  Doors open at 7, tickets are currently available for the great price of $5.00 and will also be available at the door the night of the show for $7.00.  I've got it marked on my calendar and so should you.

I think we're going to see some big things from this band.  I think we're going to see some big things from Ashley Stacy.  I can't wait for the show to begin.  I'm going to be there and I hope you'll be joining me for what I believe will be a magical evening of great music.  Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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