Thursday, February 11, 2010

We are family...

Seriously, people are gonna start talking...

And when they do, I hope they realize just what a great bunch of people are running the Dark Horse organization. Is anyone starting to get it yet? They really do care about us; the readers of comic books. And it isn't just any one particular demographic either. From the youngest to the oldest amongst us. Male and female alike. Dark Horse truly understands that our shared love for comic books is a common bond that brings us together as a family.

Isn't that what we are when you think about it? Who else gets us but each other? Who else can you sit around and talk too for hours about all things Star Wars or Buffy? Issues? We've got hundreds of them bagged, boarded and tucked away in long white boxes. It's a passion with us and it's something that gets beyond the individual differences between us and sits us down together to share a common experience, the reading of comic books.

Let me tell you something about my brothers and sisters at Dark Horse. They don't just love their comics, they love everybody's comics. In almost every conversation I've ever had with anyone at Dark Horse they're as quick to mention their competitors books as they are their own. I'm always amazed on Wednesdays when I'm talking about what Dark Horse books I'm planning to pick up that day just how many suggestions they offer about books that aren't even their own. That's a genuine love for comics. I can't imagine Dark Horse ever asking me to rip the cover off of a competitors book because that's just not something family does to family.

What Dark Horse is doing right now isn't just a contest, it's the creation of a family album. It's a tribute to the most important member of the comic book family, we the readers. I'm proud to be a member of the family and I'd like to meet as many others of you as possible in the upcoming months. Please send in your photos and introduce yourself. As for me, my name is Dirk Bauman, I love Dark Horse and I love comic books.

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