Friday, February 14, 2014

Nix Comics; comics for cool kids.

Comics for cool kids, like us...

Time for the first review of some of the great books I discovered at the Independent Creators Expo 2014.  I've been pouring over comic books since the evening the con ended and I'm happy to report that the amount of quality materials I received there has warmed my heart during one of the worst winters Ohio has experienced in a very long time.  Let's get to it, shall we?

Nix Comics is a unique blend of some of my all time favorite comic books, Mr. Natural, Not Quite Dead, The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers and Tales From The Crypt.  Writer/Editor, Ken Eppstein, has skillfully managed to combine an obvious love for rock and roll music, classic morality-tale horror and an appreciation for sarcastic humor into a quarterly comic book guaranteed to satisfy the appetite of the Indy comic book reader looking for something truly different in the Indy scene.  You won't find superhero makeovers and rewrites of stories already written to death in Marvel and D.C. comics in Nix Comics.  What you will find are a collection of short vignettes intelligently written and skillfully illustrated by artists including, Ryan Brinkerhoff, Joel Jackson, Darren Merinuk and Michael Neno.

 Between the front and back covers of a Nix comic book you'll find mature tales of horror based around characters like the musician who wouldn't sell his soul to the devil or the Narcissistic guitarist.  You'll also find socially relevant and thought provoking pieces like Man Loves, God Kills?. You'll also find irascible characters like Bus Stop Ned and funny parodies of classic comic book ads.  And that's what I find so enjoyable about Nix Comics, every turn of the page brings something new.  And Ken understands the difference between mature content and titillating illustrations.  Ken understands that good stories don't need to be wrapped in spandex, bolstered by breasts, babes or sexual innuendo.   Good stories are just as engaging as hard bodies in skimpy costumes.  I found this approach to story telling refreshing.

Nix Comics aren't just about rock and roll either.  You'll find some great Western stories and an excellent  book for parents and children featuring a cleverly designed character named Boy Howdie.  Everything I sampled was smart, engaging and entertaining.  Comic books like these are the reason I read Indy comics almost exclusively these days.  Rather than trying to breath new life into exhausted character stereotypes and story lines, Ken is producing fun and imaginative comic books based upon solid story telling and visually delightful illustrations.  If you're looking for some quality Indy comics, I'd strongly encourage you to go online and give Nix Comics some well deserved support.  Ken Eppstein and friends are truly deserving of your time and hard earned money.  Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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