Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Zombie Marge, putting fun back into comics...

Delightfully irreverent and funny...

Halfway through Tim Fuller's Zombie Marge it suddenly dawned upon me why I've fallen so in love with Indy comic books.  For too long now I've been unhappy with mainstream comics.  I wasn't happy with them because they're just not fun to read anymore.  I'm so tired of intergalactic wars of "epic" proportions being fought by superheros who somehow need to be socially relevant, politically correct and continually tormented by their inner demons.  I'm sick to death of the half White, half Black, half Latino characters struggling with their homosexuality while they battle to save humanity in galaxies far far away while their lovers lie dying on planet Earth of Aids.  Mainstream comics are just too damned preachy, boring and pretentious these days.  No wonder folks aren't buying comic books anymore, it's cheaper to turn on our televisions and watch daytime dramas for free. 

Zombie Marge is none of the above things.  Zombie Marge is refreshingly witty, funny and irreverent.  It takes me back to the days of Hellboy Junior and Ren and Stimpy.  Zombie Marge, and so many of the other books being produced by Tim Fuller, are just plain good-old-fashioned fun.  This is what's being forgotten in the comic book industry today.  Not every comic book has to be an epic tale of Herculean warriors battling the forces of evil to save the universe from the super villain of the month.  There's a market for books like Zombie Marge.  There's a market for a good laugh and Tim Fuller fills it admirably.  Look, for those of us working ten to twelve hours a day, often times six days a week, the last thing we need when we sit down to read a comic book for relaxation is one more source telling us how we should be thinking about the "major" issues of the day.  All we're looking for is a good laugh, a bit of respite from our busy work week, and that's where a book like Zombie Marge comes into play.  Zombie Marge is a break from the realities of daily life, not another reminder of how rough and horrible life is these days.

Hoohah Comics is Tim Fuller's home on the Internet and it's loaded with a treasure trove of books guaranteed to make you smile when you could really use one the most.  You'll find Tim's Little Olden books, Sham Comics, The Blue Beagle, Twelve-Way with Cheese and so much more.  You'll find books you can enjoy with your kids as well as books to amuse your more sophisticated stoner friends.  Yeah, I said it, your stoner friends. We, uh, I mean they, like a good laugh too.  Whether you like ongoing web comics, digital comics or hard copy books, Tim Fuller has you covered.  And best of all?  You'll truly find something for the entire family to enjoy reading.  That's something I just don't find in the big two comic houses these days.  Surf on over and check Tim out, you'll be glad you did.  Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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