Thursday, January 7, 2010

After all, there are limits...

Down, dirty and sexy up to a point...

Don't get me wrong, I like this title (Greek Street) and have enjoyed the story to date and hope the book continues for many issues to come. That being said, I have to admit to being just a little bit cheesed by issue seven and the promotional teasers leading up to its release. (See titillating quote below.)

"While Chantel the chorus girl agonizes over whether she should take a more active role in the story, Eddie and Sandy are forced to play starring roles in a monstrous porn movie."

Cool!? Monstrous porn movie!? I don't think I've ever heard of such a thing, but what the hell, my curiosity's piqued.

So let's get right to the story so far as related by our sinuously writhing seductive pole dancer. Eddie, the protagonist of story arc number one has searched out his long lost mother, engaged in sexual coitus with her and then killed her afterwords in a drunken rage. Shortly thereafter he attempted to carve his own dick off (His words people.) while wallowing in a tortured miasma of self loathing and guilt. He winds up being lured into the den of an attention starved gangster's moll who does everything shy of hooking him up to a slow drip I.V. bottle of Viagra in a failed attempt to get her sexual groove on with him. (Eddie just can 't seem to get it up.)

Making a long story short, the old bag passes out drunk and being the stand up kinda guy he is, Eddie goes wandering about the mansion looking for something to steal. In the process of casing the joint he encounters the old bat's daughter and in a whirlwind courtship lasting all of thirty or forty seconds they consummate their new found attraction. Shortly thereafter they are on the road hitching a ride to only the Muse knows where.

Now cut to the end of issue six where Eddie and Sandy (The drunken old bat's daughter.) are luxuriating in the after glow of a big phat fatty of the chronic. (We're talking the s**t that killed both Elvis and his alien love child.) In walks a scantily-clad-busty-babe wielding a knife in one hand and a hand held video camera in the other. In no uncertain terms she informs the star-crossed lovers that the bill has come due for the hospitality they've been shown and its time to pay up. After a little bit of the old,, dice and slice persuasion on Eddie he decides it might be best if he and Sandy just play along and get the payment completed as soon as possible. And cut, fade to black and we're at the cliff hanger waiting with baited breath for issue seven.

(See again titillating promotional quote above.)

So issue seven finds us back in the studio waiting for the start of the "monstrous" porn film. Once again Eddie is performing below expectations and the scantily clad, knife wielding director is not happy at all. After a few not so subtle threats Eddie begins to make a move towards Sandy.

Suddenly Sandy is up in the face of the see-through-teddy wearing director speaking in tongues, prophesying and carrying on all crazy like until without warning, or a wielding of her knife in the least of threatening manner, the director gives the old, "Cut, that's a wrap for the day and we're done."

What the f**K!? That's it? The only monstrous thing about this porn film is the huge letdown.

I mean, I understand we're dealing with the potential violation of a fifteen year old girl (Captured on film no less.) and god knows the last thing D.C. comics needs right now is to bring down the wrath of the Christian Conservative community across the land in a frothing boycott of anything and everything bearing the D.C. label, but come on. Where was this consideration of moral standards when Sandy was in the midst of getting plumbed by Eddie in the upstairs bedroom while her drunken bag of a mother was passed out on the floor downstairs? Where was this consideration of community standards when Eddie was crossing state lines with an underage piece of tail? Does D.C. condone the transportation of minors across state lines for illegal purposes? Do they support the the use of minors in porn films? Are they supporting the use of illegal drugs?

If the answer is no, then why use the possibility of "monstrous sexual porn" with an underage girl as the teaser for the next issue? It was lurid and suggestive... It may have even crossed the line into sleazy.

It was a great-big-hot-steaming-pile of B.S. and as much as I like this book I was really disappointed with this moment in it. It was gratuitous and unnecessary to the development or movement of the story. It was pure and simple, sexploitation. I'm disappointed...

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