Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dark Horse Spoiler Alert!

You saw it here first...

Words simply can't convey the level of excitement that coursed through my entire body when I received this gem in the mail. I swooned, I trembled, I think I may even have done something in my pants I hadn't done since the night of my honeymoon. (My first honeymoon.) Just look at the cover! Is that the coolest thing since William Shatner or what? And the (Censored) stories inside are awesome.

Let me back up for a minute. I guess when you get all loud and proud about your feelings for the many fine people and the wonderful products they work so hard to produce at Dark Horse, they take notice and aren't shy about letting you know how appreciated your words are to them. So you can imagine my surprise when I opened my mailbox to find the enclosed copy of the AVP Special Edition Hardbound Book containing the stories (Censored) and (Censored).

Yes, I may have been asked not to scan, photograph or publish images to my blog, but c'mon, you don't just send out goodies like the one pictured above and expect exuberant fans like myself to be quiet about it. I'm telling everyone! "Look what I got!"

And if you haven't seen it yet; you're gonna love it when you open your copy of AVP Special Edition Video Game and find this awesome little book inside. It really is very cool and damn if it isn't a brand new kind of Dark Horse product I'd like to see a lot more of...

Thank you good people at Dark Horse for the wonderful surprise. I'll be sure to continue blogging about what I believe to be the very best publisher of comic books in the marketplace today.

I hope to see many others in the blogosphere joining me.

Until then, Make Mine Dark Horse!

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