Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Derby City Comic Book Convention - 2013

A celebration of comic books and those of us who love them.

I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a comic book convention as much as I did the Derby City Comic Book Convention.  Upstairs, downstairs, inside and outside on the sprawling steps leading up and into the Kentucky International Convention Center it was a celebration of the industry and those of us who love it as passionately as we do.  It was small press friendly, it was cosplay friendly, it was fan friendly and as a result the overall atmosphere of the con was one of warmth, intimacy and comraderie.

My favorite moments of the con?  Sitting down with Chris Charlton of Assailant Comics and talking about Binary Gray and their new book Black of Heart.  (Which I loved. Best Noir fiction story I've read since Brubaker's Criminal.)  Meeting Jon Hodges of Bad Place Productions and talking about everything comics and then having him hand me a copy of Woodboy to read was something special.  Quite frankly, if the con hadn't ended the two of us would still be sitting outside the convention center drinking cups of coffee and talking about everything comics.  The man has a passion for the damn things that's just infectious.

That's what made this con so special for me.  I may have walked up to tables looking for items to purchase, but the next thing I knew I was sitting down with yet one more individual who loves comic books as much as I do and talking like we were old friends from childhood.  And of course some of these folks like Todd Goodman and Cory Butler from Old World Comics became instant buds I can't wait to spend some time getting to know better.

And I know this was Chuck Moore's first year at the helm, but if what I saw is any indication at all the Derby City Comic Book Convention is in loving and capable hands.  The man was a whirlwind of promotion and it was a rare moment I didn't see him smiling, shaking a hand and talking about what great things are in store for this annual event.  And the best news he kept delivering again and again?  Next year this love fest is going be a two day event!  Man, I'm so excited I'd time travel to next year if I knew anyone with a time machine.

You can find photos here.  I hope they inspire you to put this con on your list of must attend events for next year.  You won't be disappointed.

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