Sunday, July 7, 2013

Serial Squad - Bad Place Productions

"Nazis and Martian Tripod Walkers? Oh my!"

Although their heyday had long come and gone by the time I began reading pulps in the mid sixties, characters like Doc Savage, The Green Hornet, The Shadow and The Phantom still managed to reach out from the nineteen-thirties and forties to capture the attention of a young boy and keep me spellbound with the tales of their adventures.  Sure I loved characters like Superman and Spider Man, but in my mind, the pulp heroes and their two-fisted tales of fighting Nazis, mobsters and thugs, from the dark streets of Chicago, to the deepest-darkest-wilds of the Amazon jungle, never took a backseat to anyone, no matter how super-powered they might be.

Serial Squad pays homage to those bygone days of the great pulp characters with a storyline taken right out of the pages of yesteryear.  Of course there are Nazis.  And there's a group of actors who suddenly find themselves faced with the choice of fighting for the good old American way and freedom, or turning tail and running away from danger like cowardly dogs.  Oh yeah, there's a dame too.  Tough as nails, trained in judo and able to hold her own against any tough guy.  And she's got a trained tiger too.  And if that isn't enough to whet your appetite, there's a science fiction twist that is literally out of this world.

Not only has creator Paul E. Shultz written a quality story, he's also illustrated the book with some of the finest black and white panels I've seen in years.  His use of negative spacing is simply breathtaking.  Seriously, the book is a must have for any artist seeking to learn how to do a black and white book the right way.  Truly this is a comic book I'll treasure for years to come, before someday passing it on to my son.  He's gonna love it as much I do too.

As if all this goodness isn't enough already, hold on to your hats boys and girls, because there's even more!  On the inside of the back cover is a secret message for all members of the Jr. Serial Squad, that can only be decoded using the Official Glow-In-The-Dark Secret Decoder Ring!  Yeah, you heard me right, and its only available by joining the the Jr. Serial Squad!  Now, I'm not about to sink ships with loose lips, but I will tell you this, the message has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Ovaltine.

Now I suggest you get your freedom-loving-patriotic butts over to Bad Place Productions right this very minute and do your patriotic part to defend America from the dark forces of evil lurking around every corner.  Lady Liberty needs you boys and girls!  Don't let her down!

Oh, and don't forget to buy bonds...

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