Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Powers That Be: The Origin of Buxom Blonde - Old World Comics

Double D-cups of fun!

Among the best moments I enjoyed at the Derby City Comic Book Convention in Louisville, Kentucky was sitting down with Todd Goodman and Cory Butler from Old World Comics and talking about the need to put the fun back in comic books.  Eventually I was handed a book to review, The Powers That Be; The Origin of Buxom Blonde.  They asked only one thing from me in return for the book, an honest review.  Well, they asked for it, so here it goes.

Once upon a time there were small press books with names like Captain Guts, Mr. Natural and The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.  The illustrations in these books weren't like anything in the Marvel and DC comic books of the day and neither were the stories they contained.  If you were looking for tales of good triumphing over evil or teams of super powered mutants rescuing the planet from alien invaders you weren't going to find them them in these books.  What you were going to find was lots of humor and generous helpings of belly laughs.

We called them funny books.  Because that's what they were, funny books.  The Powers That Be; The Origin of Buxom Blonde is a funny book.  Written by Todd Goodman and illustrated by Cory Butler the book comes together perfectly and is a joy to read.  Todd has written a clever story peppered with zany characters like President Duke Wayne, Dr. Erectenstein and of course, our sweet heroine Toni Daily. 

The whimsical illustrations of Cory Butler combine perfectly with Todd's story to produce a book that is as much fun to view as it is to read.  I've become a fan of Cory's work and would like to see more of it in the future.  Together Todd and Cory have created a very funny book and one that I'll be more than glad to add to my humble collection of what I consider to be Dirk's Comic Book Corner worthy. 
The Powers That Be; The Origin of Buxom Blonde is a perfect example of why I find myself reading more and more indie press books on a weekly basis than I do the Marvel and DC "Skittles" books where the only creative direction seems to be creating a rainbow of Arrows, Lanterns and Hulks.  There's nothing but drama in the big houses and I've grown bored with the same old rainbow soap operas.  I want my comic books to be fun again, and thanks to the good folks at Old World Comics I've found a good place to start making that a reality instead of a frustrated fantasy.  Thanks guys!  And yes, I'd very much like to read the first couple of books in the series.

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