Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tether - Tether Comics

 "Humor on stun, Mr. Sulu."

Hands down, without a doubt, the best book I brought home from the local Kentucky artists who displayed their wares at the Derby City Comic Book Convention last weekend, has to be a wonderful little book called Tether.  Folks, these people were all about fun from the moment they marched into the convention hall and began setting up their display table.  Their entire group was costumed as characters in the book and they were hamming it up for anyone and everyone who wanted a picture with them. (see picture below)

Well of course anyone having that much fun caught my attention right away and I couldn't help but walk over to their booth to investigate just what the heck all the commotion was about.  Boy am I glad I did because the book they put in my hands turned out to be about the most fun I've had with a comic book in some time. 

Now the first thing I do when I set out to review a comic book is to go out to the supporting website to see what the creators are all about and what they have to say about their book.  Good thing I did too or I'd have missed the three rocking music tracks designed to be listened to as you read each section of the book.  I strongly suggest you surf out to their website before you read the book, download the three tracks, and then follow the instructions on when you should play each one as you read the book.  I also suggest you put on some quality headphones too because the combined effect of the tunes and comic book are a multimedia entertainment package you're going to enjoy the daylights out of experiencing.

The only thing missing was a red suit guy.

Seriously guys, this isn't just a clever comic book, its a darn clever artistic presentation.  Now, I'm not gonna say anything about the story, the artwork, (both of which I loved) or offer up a single spoiler to whet your curiosity enough to buy this book; I'm just gonna tell you straight up, go online and spend your five dollars on something guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a song in your ears.  Trust me, you won't be disappointed.


  1. Dirk, thanks so much for the astounding review of our book "Tether". So much work goes into production and artwork and it is very nice to receive some kind words.
    BTW LOVE your blog! Your article is very moving.

    Thanks again Dirk! You made our day!

    With your permission I would like to link back to a few of your articles from our facebook page.

    1. Please feel free to link away...

      And thank you for your kind words too. I loved your entire presentation from start to finish. Nice to see someone add a little fun to their comic.


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